Robinett and Company offers extremely valuable brand/marketing management expertise to companies on a part-time annual contract basis. Imagine having a highly skilled Marketing Director who focuses on making all your brand/marketing efforts cost effective and highly successful.

As your company’s Executive Marketing Manager, we focus on the big picture. Our measurement of success is our ability to develop a strategic brand/marketing plan specific to your business’s sales and marketing requirements. We select, engage and manage a specialized team of experts, such as advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic designers, etc. to execute your strategic brand/marketing plan.

With our approach, you only pay us for the service we provide, which is strategic planning, management of the team and execution of the plan. You contract with and pay directly the contractors, eliminating additional markups. However, we review the contractors’ invoices to ensure they reflect the approved budgets.

Can we help your company get to the next level of success?