Ron is the big-picture guy, a hurricane of creative ideas, support and laughter. His entrepreneurial spirit is perfect for leading a company whose main measurement of success is the ability to understand your companies business, sales and brand/marketing requirements.

Imagine the value gained over the years from building and selling his first marketing company of over 47 staff, leading the brand/marketing campaign for a major metropolitan city, establishing the brand/marketing programs for…well let’s just say more companies than he can remember, as well as building several other companies. The best part is he is ready to bring this passion and expertise to your company. Are you ready?

Ron says, “There is nothing I love to do more than jump-start a great team. I work with them from the very first spark of creative thinking and then when the vision is roaring into reality, I back off and let them take it from there. That’s my reward—the success of the company.”